Autumn 1

Tips for selling or renting your property in Sligo this Autumn.

Autumn is a season of change. Summer fades fast, temperatures fall and homeowners are faced with new challenges and opportunities. After the lull of high summer the property market becomes more active again and momentum continues to gather in the autumn months as buyers focus on purchasing their new home before the Christmas rush sets in. Although autumn presents its own challenges, it’s also a time to prepare for winter.
Oil and gas burners should be inspected and may need to be serviced. Chimneys should be cleaned professionally before the first cold night prompts a fire. It is also important to check smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. If you are letting a property you will need to have the ETCI report (Electro-Technical Council of Ireland). A BER (Building Energy Rating Certificate) is compulsory for all homes offered for sale or rent. Be on top of home maintenance early. There are some great autumn flowers that bloom for a long time in this season such as chrysanthemums and marigolds if you have flower beds to decorate. You can also place these in pots at your front door.

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