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In the majority of markets, there are two basic types of estate agents: on the one hand, the small, independently-owned firm with often no more than a single office, and on the other the local branch of a big regional or national chain – known in the trade as “corporates.” So, which do you go for?
Many people, of course, will automatically go for the big brand name – perhaps because they are familiar with it from a previous experience elsewhere, but more often simply because we are conditioned to think that big equals beautiful. However, estate agency simply doesn’t work that way. It’s all about service, and service is all about people. Size, therefore, means nothing in estate agency. Ultimately, what matters most is the quality of the people you are dealing with.
Like all large organisations, corporate agents tend to be target-driven. They have targets for everything: the number of properties in Sligo they take on, the number of mortgages and other financial products they can sell to their clients, the number of property sales in Sligo. The pursuit of targets is not always compatible with the delivery of first-class customer service.
So, in summary, when choosing who to entrust with the sale of your single most valuable possession, your best bet is to go for a well-established independent estate agent in Sligo – someone whose whole business depends on delivering quality service, rather than hitting targets set by some head office miles away.
In other words, when it comes to estate agents in Sligo, small is beautiful!